A Taste of Revenge by Mercy Jane Ballesteros (Book Review#480)

A taste of revenge is a fictional tale about Maria Castrillon. She is the CEO of a successful business which she found ten years ago. Her friend, Ana Gaston, helped her in creating this business but their friendship hits some rocky patches when a deal that Sofia was making with a company falls apart.

The problem gets worse when the company they were to make a contract with is to be owned by Lucio who is Sofia’s love interest. As the friendship between Ana and Sofia gets worse, the board members decide to take her off her position causing Sofia to lose what she held so dear.


Things then turn when Sofia decides to take revenge and get back what she has lost.


I initially found the book cover to be appealing. The story was told in the first-person narrative and was well written. The pace was steady, and I felt intrigued reading the novel. There was a sense of mystery and wanting to see how the plot will end that intrigued my thoughts.


I found Ana and Sofia’s character to be very stimulating. The jealousy and rivalry between the both, I believe, is what made this book different.


I recommend this story to fiction lovers and people who like to read women literature.


Written by Jeyran Main


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