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Fatal Fondness by Richard Audry (Book Review #696)

Fatal fondness is a historical mystery novel written about Mary MacDougall. The fourth book begins with Mary starting her own detective agency. Her father instructs her to have her older cousin, Jeanette, employed as her secretary, but in reality, she is there to watch… Continue Reading “Fatal Fondness by Richard Audry (Book Review #696)”

A Taste of Revenge by Mercy Jane Ballesteros (Book Review#480)

A taste of revenge is a fictional tale about Maria Castrillon. She is the CEO of a successful business which she found ten years ago. Her friend, Ana Gaston, helped her in creating this business but their friendship hits some rocky patches when a… Continue Reading “A Taste of Revenge by Mercy Jane Ballesteros (Book Review#480)”

Beauty & Attention by Liz Rosenberg (Book Review #11)

  Summary “The riveting story of one brave young woman’s struggle to free herself from a web of deceit.   For misfit Libby Archer, social expectations for young women in Rochester, New York, in the mid-1950s don’t work. Her father has died, leaving her… Continue Reading “Beauty & Attention by Liz Rosenberg (Book Review #11)”