The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe by Mary Maurice (Book Review #535)

The suicide letters of Jack Monroe is a psychological thriller about Susan wanting to commit suicide and Jack Monroe trying to stop her. What then conspire between them are numerous amounts of letters and dialogue defining their relationship as Jack attempts to stop her from this mental state.

The book conveys the story of a person suffering from mental health and I appreciated how the author managed to display true emotions using such a sensitive topic.


As the literature was letters going back and forth between the characters, it reminded me of another book with a similar style, titled ‘Daddy long legs”.


The work always intrigues me, when it is written out of the norm. I believe the author did a great job telling this story with delicacy. The story is definitely thrilling and kept changing as it progressed. This matter made the novel stand out for me.


Mental health is still something that is not fully understood. I appreciated the notion of such a subject matter being discussed and brought into a dialogue as such. I believe it is always good to introduce these matters in order to expose the reality of its existence.


Written by Jeyran Main

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