Murder at the Columbarium by Emily Gallo (Book Review #664)

Murder at the Columbarium is a murder mystery. Jed witnesses a woman’s dead body and a baby that is crying. Things cannot get worse for him when he is also considered as a suspect. He spends his time finding answers not only for his own curious mind but to also clear his name.

The story has a blend of mentioning drug culture issues, racism, LGBTQ matters. With a combination of a few plot twists, action scenes, and adventurous thriller pursuits, the author manages to create a really intriguing murder story.


The literature was easy to follow and understand. The pace was steady and kept the reader’s interest going. There were times where you would wonder where the story was going, but that did not stir away from the remarkable book.


I particularly enjoyed how the author chose to use characters that were usually unseen – not worthy- or generally disregarded by the public. I think that made the story stand a chance of being different than other similar novels.


I would recommend this book to those who like to read murder mysteries and people who like to read on crime.



Written by Jeyran Main

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