Shave Ice Paradise by Mark Seiler (Book Review #692)

Shave ice paradise is a mystery murder story. The story begins with the daughter of a Buddhist called Gina Mori. There is something suspicious about the death of her Aunt Nalani, and Gina sets to find out why. As she is searching for the truth, she meets Curly, and that is when I believe the story takes a different turn. Gina has much to deal with. Curly has her own secrets and drama, and Gina has to go up against many obstacles in order to solve the mystery.

The story is set in Hawaii and describes a beautiful tropical paradise filled with genuine scenes that makes you want to visit. The characters are compelling, and I enjoyed the relationship Curly had with Gina. Nothing about the story is predictable, and I think that is what made this book enjoyable.


The literature had a steady pace. Everything about the storyline was well thought out. The author has potential in this genre, and I look forward to reading more from him.


I would recommend the book to people who like to read murder tales.



Written by Jeyran Main


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