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The Ticket by Fred Shackelford (Book Review #780)

The ticket is a mystery/suspense story about Channing Baxter, a gambler and philanderer. He happens to win the Mega Million lottery. Since he is unhappily married to Susan and wants to give her nothing out of the win, he schemes the funds and has… Continue Reading “The Ticket by Fred Shackelford (Book Review #780)”

The Conviction: Enacting Vigilante Justice by John Mathews (Book Review #769)

The conviction is a short spy thriller vigilante story about a boy taking revenge on being a pawn at a robbery that took place and caused him to go to prison for life. He lures a female prosecutor, two criminal defendants, and a defense… Continue Reading “The Conviction: Enacting Vigilante Justice by John Mathews (Book Review #769)”

The Latecomer by Rich Marcello (Book Review #710)

The latecomer is a novel written about an old couple who are forced into early retirement. Their children live far away, and as they enter a new phase in their life and relationship, Maggie and Charlie, seek more of a depth and understanding into… Continue Reading “The Latecomer by Rich Marcello (Book Review #710)”

Shave Ice Paradise by Mark Seiler (Book Review #692)

Shave ice paradise is a mystery murder story. The story begins with the daughter of a Buddhist called Gina Mori. There is something suspicious about the death of her Aunt Nalani, and Gina sets to find out why. As she is searching for the… Continue Reading “Shave Ice Paradise by Mark Seiler (Book Review #692)”

30 days in June by Chris Westlake (Book Review #683)

30 days in June is a thriller fiction about Jefferey Allen trying to hide away from a serial killer called Spartacus. The story begins 30 years ago in June when Spartacus brutally kills a married couple and continues to kill until he gets to… Continue Reading “30 days in June by Chris Westlake (Book Review #683)”

Legacy of fear by AJ McCarthy (Book Review #657)

Legacy of fear is a story written about Emily. Her life appears to be regular with no issues until she is brutally attacked, and another person is killed. It takes her to be struck one more time to realize that this is not just… Continue Reading “Legacy of fear by AJ McCarthy (Book Review #657)”

Personalized Murder by Jeff Holt (Book Review #633)

Personalized murder is a crime story about a man that kills based on their victim’s personal weaknesses. Two of the victims happen to be the Democratic President and his VP.

Trail of the Hana K’ilo by Channing Whitaker (Book Review #632)

Trail of the Hana K’ilo is a mystery crime story about Harlan, a professor who plans to go on a vacation with his girlfriend, however, changes it when a student gives him a letter, telling him that his colleague is missing.

The Last Word by Timothy Moonlight (Book Review #622)

The last word is a suspense thriller story about Jack Bigsby. He used to be the founder of a billion-dollar company called InifiTech before he passed away. His death is a significant loss, and once his daughter, Claire comes to take over, she too… Continue Reading “The Last Word by Timothy Moonlight (Book Review #622)”