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The Captivating Flames of Madness by Jeff Parsons (Book Review #1405)

‘The captivating flames of madness’ is a collection of horror, sci-fi stories that discuss drug addiction, pirates sail, pilots, hackers, and all sorts of the intriguing mind-boggling concept of storylines.

The Witch’s Song by J. L. Lyndon Hickman (Book Review #1153)

This review has been featured in REVIEW TALES MAGAZINE. Why Are You Here? – is a collection of twelve short stories written with female narratives. The author’s selection of storytelling demonstrates the struggles women face in different cultures and difficult circumstances. The Witch’s Song… Continue Reading “The Witch’s Song by J. L. Lyndon Hickman (Book Review #1153)”

A Firefighter Christmas Carol: And Other Stories by Douglas R. Brown (Book Review #1124)

A firefighter Christmas carol is a collection of ghost fiction stories involving first responders. It is a beautiful book because it puts forth the courage and emotional stress firefighters face. It also discusses the effects of PTSD, how to recognize it and seek help. 

We All Die in the End by Elizabeth Merry (Book Review #873)

We all die in the end is a collection of interlinked stories that are placed in a small seaside town in Ireland called Co Down. Aside from the beautiful cover design, the book consists of diverse and colorful characters. Alongside humor, you also get… Continue Reading “We All Die in the End by Elizabeth Merry (Book Review #873)”

The Fairy Tales Grown Up by Konstantina Kalliontzi (Book Review #869)

The fairy tales grown up is a collection of fictional stories. The tales are based on the fairy tales we were used to reading when we were kids. The author does change a few things around but keeps the fantasy nature of the content,… Continue Reading “The Fairy Tales Grown Up by Konstantina Kalliontzi (Book Review #869)”

Dark Divinations by Naching T. Kassa (Book Review #761)

Dark Divinations is a horror anthology consisting of 14 frightening tales set in Victorian times. Each story is geared- around a method of divination and is written by a different author. The collection of stories consists of a young woman with powers to manipulate,… Continue Reading “Dark Divinations by Naching T. Kassa (Book Review #761)”