We All Die in the End by Elizabeth Merry (Book Review #873)


We all die in the end is a collection of interlinked stories that are placed in a small seaside town in Ireland called Co Down. Aside from the beautiful cover design, the book consists of diverse and colorful characters. Alongside humor, you also get stories that are grim and sometimes dark to the nature of storytelling.

I liked the book because although the book was a collection, the characters all knew each other and somehow connected with one another within the stories.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The stories were descriptive and exciting to read. I particularly enjoyed Eleanor, who was married to Jack and planned to kill her tormenters. Most of the stories were compelling and relished with amusement.

When it comes to collection stories, I always comment on how nice it is for people who like to take breaks between readings. However, since the characters were connected with this one, it was best to read it as a whole.

The book isn’t for the light-hearted but still manages to keep you going till the end. The book’s title is very fitting, and as haunting as it is, we certainly will all die in the end.

Written by Jeyran Main

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