Bloodsworn: Book 1 of the Avatars of Ruin by Tej Turner (Book Review #874)


Blood Sworn is a dark fantasy action-adventure set in a euro-centric secondary world. It is the first book of the Avatars of Ruin series, and it begins with Kyra running late for the males of Jalard are recruiting, and she really wants to be picked. It is tough to be chosen as the only woman there as they consider their arts to be only for their own kind. Her existence from the start is a nuisance to them as she perseveres them and proves them wrong.

The males of Jalard and the villages of Jalard live a bucolic existence and have little contact with the outside world. Very rarely do they get visited, and this year just like every other year, they give away two of their members to the Academy and are taken away to their institute in the Capital. The story takes a turn when the village members suspect something and follow up on the discovery of what happens to the chosen ones.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The story then takes you on an adventure, and illustrations of a map allowing the reader to truly get into the story. The pace of the story was steady, and the author kept the descriptive writing throughout the book. It was easy to envision the scenes, and the characters were relatable.

As much as I was looking for character growth, I noticed the plot stayed its course with scenes after scenes of dynamic storytelling instead. Kyra was my favorite, and till the end, I wanted to see her reach everything she tried to gain. Since this was the first book, I look forward to reading more and seeing how the author will expand on the story.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and adventure stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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