A Mind for Mischief by Philip Why (Book Review #1388)


A Mind for Mischief is a science fiction story filled with action, adventure and technology that keeps you on edge.

The story begins in a parallel world called Sol III, whose characteristics aren’t far from earth. Racism, misogyny, and religious violence have been criminalised. Two leading members of the One Mind Alliance are about to be executed by a senior officer of the IndMilCom army, and this makes you realize instantly that you are in for a hell of a ride.

The war for human consciousness takes place in this scene-after-scene story. The descriptive writing is carried throughout the book and ensures you aren’t missing anything. The author has done a good job displaying all the necessary elements and creating unforgettable characters.

While the book cover may not have represented the content inside, I found myself reading and enjoying the creative process the author had laid out in the storyline.

I recommend this book to sci-fi fans and those who like action and adventure.

Written by Jeyran Main

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