Yin: Completing the Leadership Journey by Lisa J. Marshall (Book Review #1387)


‘Yin’ is a nonfiction self-help book about the power of leadership and how you can use the source of your voice to act. It is an educational piece in the sense of every word and enables the reader to explore and find ways that, culturally and socially, may not always be deemed right due to the lack of wanting to face the reality of things.

The author illustrates the possibilities and enables the reader to accept the challenges we face in life. In other words, what does not kill you, makes you stronger.

I appreciated the attention to detail, and I found the approach to be unique. You may read many useful self-help materials, but what you find here is different. I read this book with delight and found it very compelling.

The author attempts to teach us to honor Yin and to find out voices and restore the planet. I recommend this book to self-help readers and those wishing to better themselves.

Written by Jeyran Main

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