Category: Science Fiction

Spooky Action at a Distance by Felicia Watson (Book Review #690)

Spooky action at a distance is a traditional science fiction/space opera written in the vein of Gene Roddenberry-Esque storytelling. Even though this is a sequel to last years We Have met the Enemy; the two are self-contained complete stories.

The Prisoner of the Castle of Enlightenment by Therese Doucet (Book Review #689)

The prisoner of the castle of enlightenment is an adult fantasy story that begins as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast but takes a very different turn as it is set in late 18th century France.

The Two Hands of The King by Wayne Mckinstry (Book Review #685)

The two hands of the king is a historical fantasy story written about Sir Donald and Lord Overton, who fight over King Philp. Things take a change when evil attacks the lands. The two then need to work together to defend their existence and,… Continue Reading “The Two Hands of The King by Wayne Mckinstry (Book Review #685)”

The Songstress by Joshua Killingsworth (Book Review #684)

The songstress is a fantasy story and is the first book written from the Records of the Three Realms series. There is something special about Kari, the protagonist of the story. She tries to save and protect a girl from being taken by the… Continue Reading “The Songstress by Joshua Killingsworth (Book Review #684)”

The Green Boy – The Chronicles of Agartha – (Book 1) by Sherif Mekdam and Isaac Michaan (Book Review #681)

The green boy is a coming of age fantasy story about Ethan, a 14-year-old boy who discovers a green aura which happens to be the last of an extinct race. Ethan lives in a world where the color of your Aura defines who you… Continue Reading “The Green Boy – The Chronicles of Agartha – (Book 1) by Sherif Mekdam and Isaac Michaan (Book Review #681)”

The Last Erdane by Louise. E. Pascual (Book Review #677)

The last Erdane is a science fiction set of five stories. The novel begins with a girl named Sedna Erdane, who is the daughter of a traitor. She then comes back from exile and notices that a lot has changed. People are starving; she… Continue Reading “The Last Erdane by Louise. E. Pascual (Book Review #677)”

The Sword of Merlin Jared Woolf (Book Review #676)

The sword of Merlin is a fantasy story written about Japheth, who is a wizard. He isn’t much into his abilities or heritage; however, once the word of Merlin is given to him by Lux, he begins to realize its power and how well… Continue Reading “The Sword of Merlin Jared Woolf (Book Review #676)”

How to Sell the Stars by Richard J. Dowling (Book Review #673)

How to sell is a sci-fi story written about a world set in 2120 where everything you want is free. Leap is from the 1955’s though, and a time machine by Machiavellian AI takes him to this world where you really don’t have to… Continue Reading “How to Sell the Stars by Richard J. Dowling (Book Review #673)”

The Marshal by J. S. Matthews (Book Review #671)

The Marshal is an action-adventure book. The story begins explaining how the world has changed due to deadly radiation spread across the landscape. Humans live underground and in tough situations.