Category: Science Fiction

Heir to the Underworld – The New Gods of Olympus – Book One by JB Dennis (Book Review #724)

Heir to the underworld is a fantasy story written about fourteen heirs to the powers of the ancient Greek gods and their story adapting to the idea of their duties and responsibilities. Benjamin Darke, who is the god of the dead, does not bode… Continue Reading “Heir to the Underworld – The New Gods of Olympus – Book One by JB Dennis (Book Review #724)”

Journey’s Through Faladon: The Titan Divide by The Ruinsong Order (Book Review #738)

The Titan Divide is a fantasy novel written by 40 authors. The story begins in Mountain Birth, a magical calamity that curses the Jodmun men. The curse, which somehow can also be perceived as a blessing, creates a chance for Urbon, a wanderer, who… Continue Reading “Journey’s Through Faladon: The Titan Divide by The Ruinsong Order (Book Review #738)”

The Black Shade of White: Justice by Cattleya (Book Review #720)

Justice is a trilogy fantasy novel set in medieval Aragon. It is a long story about Sophie and her adventure discovering some shocking murders by a tremendous vial killer. The mysterious story moved from the 13th century to modern-day London, which was interesting to… Continue Reading “The Black Shade of White: Justice by Cattleya (Book Review #720)”

Among the Dead by Stephen Kennedy (Book Review #719)

Among the dead is a post-apocalyptic action story about a pandemic that has taken over the world. A virus has taken over humans changing their behavior, making them violent and uncontrollable. Samantha, one of the lucky ones who managed to remain unaffected, travels to… Continue Reading “Among the Dead by Stephen Kennedy (Book Review #719)”

Requiem, Changing Times by RJ Parker (Book Review #715)

Requiem, changing times, is a young adult novel written about Corbin and Clint. They are the best of friends and go to the same school. When Two strangers come into town from another world and bring aliens with them, things become a little chaotic.… Continue Reading “Requiem, Changing Times by RJ Parker (Book Review #715)”

Double-Edged by Dhriti Aiylam (Book Review #736)

Double-edged is a story written about a princess called Kerra and a farm girl called, Lavenderra. Princess Kena is in line for the throne. The responsibility of it all is too much for her, but Vent, a charming cave dweller, changes all that. She… Continue Reading “Double-Edged by Dhriti Aiylam (Book Review #736)”

Horn-Horn, Cracked (The Horn -Horn Series Book 2) by A. D. T. Mclellan (Book Review #707)

Horn-Horn, Cracked is a young adult comedy fantasy novel written about Cassie. Book two is a continuation of book one. Cassie goes back to school. Pete, a convicted murderer, is astray and causes chaos in town. Cassie somehow gets pulled into the whole ordeal… Continue Reading “Horn-Horn, Cracked (The Horn -Horn Series Book 2) by A. D. T. Mclellan (Book Review #707)”

Zepharius by Mel Snyder (Book Review #706)

The world Gisaawek is alien, and the people are part of a growing military project. Zepharius, who is a soldier, has the responsibility of increasing the strength of her planet and has a very obedient character. Once she realizes that mysterious disappearances are happening,… Continue Reading “Zepharius by Mel Snyder (Book Review #706)”

In two minds by K.T.Findlay (Book Review #705)

In the two minds is a time travel fantasy story about a body that shares two personalities, a Museum curator called Thomas and a ten-year-old anglo Saxon Wulfstan. The year gap alongside the difference in culture alone should have made things complicated enough. But… Continue Reading “In two minds by K.T.Findlay (Book Review #705)”