Category: Science Fiction

As Vaan Made us by Jonathan Sobe (Book Review #1182)

As Vaan mase us is a dystopian thriller describing a world where the world is divided, humanity is not at all life before, and with a cast of characters that are diverse and rich, you enter a world where it’s uncertain and a holy… Continue Reading “As Vaan Made us by Jonathan Sobe (Book Review #1182)”

Byron Beyond The Firmament by Neil S. Reddy (Book Review #1181)

Byron beyond the firmament is a gothic sci-fi story. The story begins with Lord Byron fleeing to his ancestral home, Newstead Abbey, because he is one big pickle of a mess. He cannot face his half-sister Augusta who is pregnant with his child, nor… Continue Reading “Byron Beyond The Firmament by Neil S. Reddy (Book Review #1181)”

The Pod Tower by Pete Alexander (Book Review #1168)

The pod tower is a science fiction story set in the future. The year is 2057, and the world and the human race have become overwhelmed with the use of technology and consumerism. The living circumstances and the world is very different from the… Continue Reading “The Pod Tower by Pete Alexander (Book Review #1168)”

God’s Gift by Remi Dewitt (Book Review #1160)

God’s gift is a science fiction story about Devon, a little girl who meets an alien robot and asks him to help her make the world a little better. She calls it Auntie, and the two instantly bond and travel together.

Surrogate Colony by Boshra Rasti (Book Review #1130)

Surrogate Colony is a sci-fi dystopian story set in a post-pandemic world where everything is controlled by x-ray vision and is databased. Adrian Buckowski is a young woman living amongst others but, for some reason, is dissimilar. Her eyes are different, the medications don’t… Continue Reading “Surrogate Colony by Boshra Rasti (Book Review #1130)”

A Simple Thought of Sanity by C. E Huntingdon (Book Review #1115)

A simple thought of sanity is a dystopian fiction with elements of psychological and thought-provoking events. The citizens of the city live a very sterile life. Food is provided, and all buildings are identical. Everyone’s face is the same, and emotions are kept under… Continue Reading “A Simple Thought of Sanity by C. E Huntingdon (Book Review #1115)”

The Scars of Gaia by R. P. Lauer (Book Review #1108)

The scars of Gaia is a science fiction story about swords and sorcery. It begins with James struggling to provide for himself and his mother. He meets Claire, a scientist, and both take a journey of self-discovery and so much more.

Hausa Blue by Kate Abley (Book Review #1105)

Hausa blue is an alternative history book about a world where the monarchy is a fraud and the Queen is an imposter. A commoner has exposed their identity with a different skin tone. There are strong female characters, and the premise is filled with… Continue Reading “Hausa Blue by Kate Abley (Book Review #1105)”

My Fatal Futility Shellshock by N.J.M. Hemfrey (Book Review #1104)

My fatal futility is an action thriller cyberpunk, time travel story about Kage Carnifex. The story is set in the year 2322. 61-year-old Kage is not in a good state, moving forward 100 years in the future, you see a 9 year old Kage … Continue Reading “My Fatal Futility Shellshock by N.J.M. Hemfrey (Book Review #1104)”