Category: Poems

What mothers withhold by Elizabeth Kropf (Book Review #876)

What mothers withhold is a book filled with beautiful poems written about what a mother goes through as a female. What their body, mind, soul, and transformation experiences is remarkable, and the journey that the author attempts to reflect in her poems is what… Continue Reading “What mothers withhold by Elizabeth Kropf (Book Review #876)”

Tales from an odd mind by Nom D. Plume (Book Review #838)

Tales from an odd mind is a collection of short stories and poems written with various voices, characters, and situations.

Coronavirus Haiku: Poetry to Help Lighten Your Pandemic Days by James Weir (Book Review #800)

Coronavirus Haiku is a poetry book filled with poems about what the world is currently going through with this virus. It touches subjects like social distancing, the isolation, protests, and everything that revolves around the uncertainty this global virus has induced.

SAY SOMETHING by Jeremy Clarke (Book Review #784)

Say something is a short book of poetry providing a biographical window into the author’s life. Jeremy Clarke believes that every person’s journey in life should be heard and told. The inspiration comes from within his soul as does the desire to encourage others… Continue Reading “SAY SOMETHING by Jeremy Clarke (Book Review #784)”

Worry Less, Arrive Sooner: Dr. Freud Meets Dr. Seuss by Bette Pounds, LCSW (Book Review #799)

  Worry less, arrive sooner, is a rhythmic, poetic book written in a lyrical format encouraging the reader to slow down and reflect on the issues that matter in life and often get neglected. The book also mentions some of the emotional and psychological… Continue Reading “Worry Less, Arrive Sooner: Dr. Freud Meets Dr. Seuss by Bette Pounds, LCSW (Book Review #799)”

Girls like Us Poems by Elizabeth Hazen (Book Review #735)

Girls like us is a poetic book written about the female identity and embodying how a woman feels, expects and is. The work represents a roller-coaster of ups and downs, triumphs, fears, wholeness, self-doubt, self-destructions and many other things girls, and women face.

Hammer of God by Aria Ligi (Book Review #638)

Hammer of God is a collection of poems written with a classical theme. The work discusses religion, modern-day issues, and spiritual diversity.

Hashtag Queer LGBTQ+ vOL 3. By Sage Kalmus (Book Review #605)

Hashtag Queer LGBTQ is a collection of fictional stories, poetry, non- fiction essays, memoirs, scripts, and screenplays. The book is a way of expression for the struggles the Queer literature has suffered. The unsuccessful attempts of failing to publish, to write, to be heard,… Continue Reading “Hashtag Queer LGBTQ+ vOL 3. By Sage Kalmus (Book Review #605)”

The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder by Emmanuella Hristova (Book Review #580)

The day my kisses tasted like disorder is a collection of poetry written by Emmanuella Hristova. Each poem tells a story like a memoir. It reflects the ups and downs the author has gone through. The death of her sister, relationships, the good, the… Continue Reading “The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder by Emmanuella Hristova (Book Review #580)”