‘And the clouds parted’ is a book consisting of a collection of poetry written with care and the intention to let you in the author’s world. When the world went into lockdown, everything changed. People were lost, most things became electronically dependable, and the author observed many things which she decided to use as inspiration for the book at hand.

As you begin to read, you sense every word and understand all that is meant to be felt. Every page has an illustration and purpose, making the read even more enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed ‘Being Six’ because it reminisced all the feelings I sometimes have when I want to go back again to when I was young, and things were simpler that way.

I believe the book cover was well thought out and represented the content inside. It is apparent to see the author has thought well and deeply about what she is presenting.

In my opinion, poetry is all about presence, flow and feeling. This book possessed all three. I recommend this book to those who like to read relatable material and enjoy thoughtful writing.

Written by Jeyran Main

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