Rejections From a Literary Agent: Discouraging Writers, One Bad Query at a Time By Randy Kasten (Book Review #573)

Rejections from a literary agent is a humorous book written about Marcie Ribbons who is a literary agent. She is retired and spends her day responding to query letters. She shares her view on the publishing industry and often expresses her thoughts and emotions on writers who approach her agency.

Marcie has a distinguished character. Her personality as a literary agent for 30 years was well represented in the story. The casting crew is also literary agents who either happened to fall into the industry or just joined it because their parents were agents.


The book begins with instructions on how to apply and how do you get rejected from a publishing company. It then carries on with case-by-case people who have applied and their stories or scenarios coming up to submitting their writing as well Marcie’s response to their submission.


I found the entire thing quiet relatable to the industry writers face today. The responses were not so much far-fetched as a fictional story compared to how writers are treated today. The literature was humorous and entertaining as well as it supplied some empathy, letting writers know that we know what you go through. This was all handled with a witty grin, which made a difference.


I recommend this book to writers, authors, publishers and anyone who likes to read humorous books.


Written by Jeyran Main

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