A Helping Paw – Modern day life observed through the eyes of two cats and an Englishman by Allan Gilmour (Book Review #614)

A Helping Paw is a fictional book about two cats named Fred and George. They are both the same age but with different personalities. The book is written with a cats point of view and is filled with cute illustrations containing dialogues between the cats or their owner.

The book is not that long, and the literature is easy to follow. I believe the work would be suitable for any cat or animal lover. Everything appears to be fun yet informative about how cats see our life and the way we live. George and Fred have different and funny personalities. I found their view of our world and existence to be intriguing and wondered if this would change had it been another animal observing our way of life.


I found the concept and story to be unique to its nature and enjoyed the little drawings it offered. I recommend the book to animal fiction readers and cat lovers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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