Sean wants to be Messi by Tanya Preminger  (Book Review #526)

Sean wants to be Messi is a children’s book about Sean struggling to convince everyone that he wants to be as good Messy. While everyone constantly tells him to be quiet or to do as he is told, he defies all requests and insists on pursuing what he wants.

While I did find a few editing issues and was not finding the present tense of the narrative easy to read, the story kept in intrigued to find out what was to happen in the end.


The author had also gone as far as creating two versions of the book just to ease the audience based on their knowledge of calling the game soccer or football.


There was more text than illustrations and what existed was not substantial, however, it did add color and assist in visually trying to imagine the story.


I believe the author has potential in creating acceptable children material. The layout was good and inspires children to exercise and play.


I look forward to reading more from this author.


Written by Jeyran Main


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