As Vaan Made us by Jonathan Sobe (Book Review #1182)


As Vaan mase us is a dystopian thriller describing a world where the world is divided, humanity is not at all life before, and with a cast of characters that are diverse and rich, you enter a world where it’s uncertain and a holy war has the citizens of New Lysia live under the rule of Regent Samuels. He is confident that the only way to avoid the apocalypse is to sacrifice his two sons.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Things escalate when the person who Samuels hires isn’t as goal-driven as he thought. The added romance and the thrilling nature of the action and adventure story really induces a certain special narrative that has you relish along wanting more.

It may be hard to fall into the story at first; however, once you understand the concept, you easily continue and enjoy the tale. Multiple sideline plots and character storylines are happening at the same time. This creates a diverse, rich, and compact book to appreciate.

I recommend this book to those who like to read a captivating sci-fi story embracing the end of the world.

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