Are Vampires Evil: Why I Wrote Dark Obsessions by Delphine McClelland


Are vampires evil was a question that I asked myself a lot when I was given the idea to write my very own novel by a coworker of mine. As an avid reader my coworker John Voldstad was interested in the books that I was reading and the way in which I retold the stories to him. From the passion that he felt and saw in my eyes he knew then that I was a writer, a story teller long before I ever knew that I could do this. From the time that I was a child books were my escape. They allowed me to travel to far away lands without ever having to leave my room. Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Lost Boys introduced me to the world of vampires and when I discovered them in books I was hooked.

Vampires became my fantasy, but as a kid raised in a religious family I could not understand why I was drawn to something that was so dark and evil. I had so many questions, why did I like vampires, did that make me an evil person, was I born bad or wrong? Despite all the questions that I had I still liked vampires. I always wondered why were they evil? What was the story behind them? Like me, were they just misunderstood? For years I asked myself these questions and when I was given the idea to write my own novel I asked myself that question again. Are vampires evil?

Today I can answer that question and I say no, vampires are not evil creatures. They are creatures that I feel have been misunderstood simply  because they have made some bad and dark choices. This idea of evil is a choice, a learned behavior that is fueled by the actions and emotions of others. Even the sweetest and cutest animal will show you its dark side if you push it too far. The way we treat others that are different from us can leave a lasting impression on them, a dark mark that can grow into something dark and highly dangerous.

While Dark Obsessions is the love story of Skylar and Kairo it explores this very idea. Kairo learned his evil ways from Malachi who also learned his evil ways from another. Actions from his past changed and shaped who became today. Neither one of them was born evil but it was a choice that they both learned and used to survive in the dark world that they now live in. As people of this world I hope that one day we understand that the monsters of our time were created because of our actions and treatment of others. For more about me and Dark Obsessions please check out my website

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