I Love You Because…by Autumn Fleming (Book Review #1301)


‘I love you because…’ is a children’s book and is a beautiful tale about the mother’s love and continuous devotion towards providing all the positive energy a child needs. As you read along, you are captivated by all the lovely illustrations and how sweet a mother’s love is for their child.

You read about the reasons why Mama loves her son, and as she is putting him to sleep, she keeps reminding him about it. Of course, a mother’s love is endless and is not limited to the reasons mentioned in the storybook, but what you read is a selection that defines the core of the love, and for this reason, it was a delightful read.

The book also highlights how important it is to let our children know how much we love them and point all the goodness they bring to the world.

I recommend this book to parents looking for suitable reading materials for their children.

Written by Jeyran Main

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