Category: Self-help & Self-improvement

Creating Gods by Omar Newton Wilson (Book Review #1137)

Creating Gods is a self-help- philosophy book discussing the concept of ‘The Sandbox’ being the universe with a gazillion moving parts informing us of the language of which allows us ways to think. The way we think implements constructs existing in singularities.

Under the Orange Blossoms by Cindy Benezra (Book Review #1129)

Under the orange blossoms is a self-help book demonstrating how strong an individual can be. As Cindy lets you in her past, you understand so much about her personality, character, and inner beauty.

Conversations with the Goddess by Dorothy Atalla (Book Review #1128)

Conversations with the Goddess is about a woman’s personal spiritual growth journey. The book takes the reader on a journey of evolutionary perspective. It provides new approaches to the divine feminine and begins with Dorothy communicating with the Goddess, personally connecting to a much… Continue Reading “Conversations with the Goddess by Dorothy Atalla (Book Review #1128)”

Happy Here and Now by Matt Tracy (Book Review #1123)

Happy here and now is a self-help book designed to assist the reader in choosing the life they wish and be grateful for it. The book discusses the voices you hear in your head and attempts to heal and improve your relationships.

Food as a Prescription by Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio (Book Review #1113)

Food as a prescription is a health book for those wondering what their diet is doing to their health.

Homeschooling with Ease by Robynn Honeychurch (Book Review #1112)

Homeschooling with ease is a self-help book for parents who are homeschooling their children. With COVID-19 and schools shutting down, parents were forced to become teachers, and when things turned a little better, many chose to keep their kids from returning to school. This… Continue Reading “Homeschooling with Ease by Robynn Honeychurch (Book Review #1112)”

Second Wind by J. Clint Schumacher (Book Review #1111)

Second wind is a self-help book about being motivated, engaged and how to be a team player. The author discusses complex legal problems and coaches young athletes for a living. This isn’t all he does, but the book definitely is filled is wisdom, and… Continue Reading “Second Wind by J. Clint Schumacher (Book Review #1111)”


A grownup guide to effective crankiness is precisely as it says, a self-help book geared towards those who wish to treat the common CrankaTsuris and make our world a happier place.

The Secret of Plants in the Environment by Rishikesh Upadhyay (Book Review #1095)

The secret of plants in the environment is like a bible for plant lovers. If you are into plants or want to have your own, then this book is for you. You can learn so much from this book, from plant temperature change to… Continue Reading “The Secret of Plants in the Environment by Rishikesh Upadhyay (Book Review #1095)”