Review Tales Magazine – Summer Edition 03


Review Tales Magazine
Summer Edition 03

A Note from the Editor

Summer is here, and I find myself delighted with the third issue. Look at what we have accomplished since 2016! The dedication, hard work, and determination have paid off in a very rewarding way. The articles, confessions, and reviews have been outstanding.

The third issue of Review Tales Magazine presents discussions like ‘Writing out of anger,’ ‘Becoming the author of your life’ and ‘Writing for personal satisfaction.’ These are topics that I know will be helpful for many authors.

For those who have worked hard to tell their stories, those who have stayed up for hours on end re-reading and re-writing their manuscripts, and those who have simply looked at their work and felt lost, I want to say, dream big and be persistent.

Thank you for supporting Review Tales, and I hope you enjoy the summer edition as much as I do.

Founder & Editor-in-chief

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