San Diego: Art, Dancing, Food, Gardens, Music, and Quilts! Written by da-AL


da-AL, is an Emmy award-winning journalist. Read more of her writing and stay tuned for when her adult literary fiction novel, “Flamenco & the Sitting Cat,” will be published at her blog, HappinessBetweenTails

I’m fiercer than San Diego’s Museum shark!

San Diego is only a couple of hours drive from my home in Los Angeles County. How can it be that prior to a few months ago, it was years since I’d re-visited it?! No, they aren’t paying me to write this — I’m just grateful for its providing me an unexpectedly romantic memorable weekend.

Originally, my husband and I were only stopping through on our way to experience Guadalupe, Mexico’s burgeoning wine and culinary arts region.San Diego, however, tricked us into appreciating it. We decided to save Mexico for another outing.

The first night we ambled through the Gaslamp District (, a happening area populated by street performers, restaurants, and nightlife.


The next day we perused Balboa Park’s ( abundance of gardens, plus science and art museums, many of them free admission.


That night in Little Italy ( we enjoyed a terrific highfaluting dinner infused with basil, oregano, and garlic at a non-gourmet price. Afterward, we tangoed ( ) among friendly dancers on a great floor.

The next day, before leaving for home, we brunched Mexican style in San Diego’s Old Town ( Under shady trees where breezes caressed our faces, a series of live bands rocked, salsaed, and serenaded us.


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