Bollywood Invasion by Ricardo Alexanders (Book Review #486)

Bollywood invasion is a fictional story about a boy going back in time and living his dream. John Palmieri finds himself as a prince named, Raj Scindia in India. I particularly enjoyed where Raj starts his own band. His attempt at gaining the attention and love of his girl was also intriguing to read. Being a prince is not so bad when he gets to do whatever he wants with an endless amount of money, opportunities, and fun. The story time is set in 1958. John has some learning to do which causes him some loss in 1968. The conflict between the two characters stands out as Raj and John, trying to understand who he really is. It takes him until 1980 when he finally meets someone that changes his perspective. The book contains many aspects of storylines covering romance, fiction, and a little fantasy. There wasn’t much backstory to go with the plot but, instead, it contained a decent amount of world description. This caused the story and the concept of the plot to be authentic. I believe anyone that enjoys a solid read on a fun novel with an added time travel concept would enjoy this book. Written by Jeyran Main If you would like a book review click here If you would like your book edited click here Need help getting your book published? Contact Me.

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