Writing A Book For Nobody By David Kummer

Writing A Book For Nobody By David Kummer


Whatever you do, save yourself. Don’t write a book.

That’s the advice I would give to someone if they asked for it. But then I would probably take it back (probably), and I’d clarify my meaning. “Don’t write a book for somebody else.”

By that, I mean don’t write a book with the expectation that other people are going to read it. They probably aren’t. Sorry.

Okay, okay. That’s not true either. Some people will read it. Chances are, a few will even enjoy it and tell you so. This will make you feel great. This will make you buy 150$ promotions on a random website that promises to sell hundreds of your copies. This will also make you write a second book, for those people that read your first.

Don’t do it.

Yes, if you want to be successful you have to “know your audience.” Yes, to write a book, you have to possess a dash of narcissism and a smidge of pride. Otherwise, you’ll never finish. And yes, to write a book, you’ll have to spend a little bit of money. But… the first target with every single book is yourself.

I’ve written a handful of books. I’ve made roughly uno grande from them. I’ve had over 300 ratings on Goodreads, and I’ve checked my sales dashboard probably… never mind, I can’t even calculate how many times. But you know what? It doesn’t even matter. There are good reviews and bad reviews. But the most important review is the one you give yourself.

Writing a book can do incredible things for you, and you should definitely do it. But writing a book for the wrong reason can destroy you. Writing a book for the right reason can save you, as it did me. Writing for the wrong reason can destroy you.

So do it. Write a book. Write something beautiful, artistic, inspiring. Something to make me cry and laugh and remind me how beautiful the world is around us. But most of all, write a book that will make you smile, cry, and laugh.

Then get some editors (hey, moms out there), because you probably messed up and that’s okay. That’s good. Write the book. Fix the book. And then publish it. Make something. Anything. Make it great.

Oh, and name it something really cool.


Written by David Kummer



Author Biography

My name is David Kummer. You most likely haven’t heard of me, nor should you have. I live in Madison, Indiana, a small town on the Ohio River. There’s lots of history and creepy places, which have influenced my writings. However, I’ve started trending towards deeper, thought-provoking works, although most of them have suspense and mystery elements.

Reach out to me at my website or on my Facebook page. I’ll probably give you a free something. Or you can buy my newest release here for less than you spent on lunch.

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