What Heals the Heart by Karen A. Wyle (Book Review #653)

What heals the heart is a historical romance written about Joshua Gibbs. The story is set around the Civil War time, and Joshua still remains to have nightmares from the experiences encountered during the war. He is a doctor and has a dog who is his friend and companion.


When Clara shows up in town, things stir up a bit; however, Freida is there to make sure things don’t end up as they should. She has a whole different perspective of what is needed and what is right.


The story focuses on a broken heart that needs mending, yet there are so many other complicated issues that create a dynamic trio. I particularly enjoyed how the author describes the atmosphere and landscape. The scenes and dialogue make the reader quickly visualize the interactions, and that added to the pleasure of reading the book.


I recommend this book to people who like to read historical fiction and western romance — the classical style of writing appeals to people who are interested in that genre.



Written by Jeyran Main

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