My journey by Behzad Azargoshasb ND

My journey by Behzad Azargoshasb ND


How did the “Rules of Health” come to be? My journey in author-hood began in my early 20’s. During that time I was going to University and every day I had a commute of about two hours. Being a curious creature I would observe people on the train and try to figure out in my mind what they did and come up with a story background of their lives. Instinctively I would start writing short sentences which turned into stories and those graduated into poems. I was studying engineering at the time and I felt that the creative, right side of my brain was expressing itself in still moments.

Throughout my schooling, I would write in my spare time. And I looked forward to any assignments where I had to introspect and analyze my thoughts and feelings on a particular subject matter. I excelled in it and I would even help out my friends and family with the literary subject matter. Fast forward 12 years and I was a Naturopathic Doctor with all this knowledge and drive to help heal people. On one of the interviews with a potential clinic I wanted to join, the clinic owner asked me what my long term goal was. I told her I wanted to write a book. She asked me why I was waiting so long to write my book. I told her, I wanted to get some experience below my belt before starting this endeavor. What she told me and what was the catalyst for the birth of my first book was this, “You already know a lot, don’t wait so long to write your book, start now.”


Although I didn’t end up working there, that thought stuck in my mind and 2 years later I decided to write my first book. I wanted to write what I was passionate about so I decided to write about what I loved best and that is to heal people by helping them improve their diet and lifestyle. Once I started writing the words came pouring out and 3 years later after much research, rejections and revisions my baby was born and introduced to the world.

Written by Behzad Azargoshasb

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