Never let emotion get in the way of revenge by Jonathan Harries, author of Infatuation: A novel of questionable taste  

Never let emotion get in the way of revenge by Jonathan Harries, author of Infatuation: A novel of questionable taste


I like to believe that my head is in New York, but my heart is somewhere in Africa. Most of my books are about saving animals in Africa from poachers, traffickers and big game hunters. Killing Harry Bones, Killing Bobby Fatt and the soon to be released Killing Valerian Zolotov, expose the true motivation of trophy hunters and the myth that hunting encourages conservation. In these books, called the Roger Storm Series after their reluctant protagonist, the animals get their revenge, the trophy hunters get their comeuppances and the profits from sales go to various animal charities.

Infatuation takes a slightly different tack.

It’s about Fanny Packer, a belly dancer who on being stiffed of her belly dancing fee by an aristocratic mafia family in Rome, steals one of their most prized possessions, an ancient and mysterious book reputed to be the Kama Sutra on steroids. The book is so valuable that the family will do whatever it takes to get it back. They send their nastiest hitman, Nano Mortale aka The Deadly Dwarf, after Fanny with instructions to retrieve the book and squeeze her head till it pops like an over-ripe pomegranate. But Fanny has a secret admirer who, together with a dominatrix, helps her evade the dastardly hitman, ending up in an old bookmobile turned travelling brothel organized along the Dewey Decimal System.

While Infatuation diverges from the animal books in both context and location, all my books share the seductively satisfying theme of revenge.

So if you’re one of the slighted who dreams about revenge, here’s your perfect opportunity to experience it in all its gory details.

The mobsters in Infatuation discover just how dangerous it is to cheat Fanny of her fee and in the Roger Storm Series, the big game hunters and poachers are dispatched in the same brutal way that they kill animals.

I do hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Written by Jonathan Harries


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