The harvest of her life’s summer by Veronica Gventsadze (Book Review #691)

The harvest of her life’s summer is a fictional story about Alexandra Baumann. At the age of 37, she has decided to become a spinster. She is content with living in Canada as a pharmacist. Her parents immigrated when she was 9, and a family secret reveals more than what she anticipated, causing distress and essentially begins the adventure for the story.

There are a few more dilemmas and dramas for Alexandra, each to its own, create a fulfilling story about love, rivalry, and family drama in a 19th-century style narrative.


The literature is slow-paced and does carry the reader along, causing them to guess and wonder before revealing the truth. I particularly enjoyed the part where Alexandre’s personality grew as the story carried on. After learning what her father had really done and why they had immigrated to Canada, she really stops at nothing to show everyone who her father really was.


Everything about the book was compelling, and I look forward to reading more from this author.


I would recommend this book to fiction readers and people who like to read complex, layered storylines.



Written by Jeyran Main


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