Religion Delusion by John Eric Carlshausen (Book Review #714)


Religion delusion is a very strong, anti-religious book about how the existence of God is questionable and why people wish to believe in one.

I initially agreed to read this book because I believed it was going to bring solid judgmental arguments that were uplifting for my thoughts and beliefs. I expected to go deep and follow through the journey of understanding how religion could be delusional and folly. In reality, the author pinpoints facts that have been cited in various faiths and discuss each one, explaining how, in solidarity, could they all be right?

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The literature is easy to read and to follow. The author mentions the words, ridiculous, ludicrous, idiotic, and completely bashes anything remotely close to religion. He believes that religion breeds terrorism. In the author’s perspective, the image of God is someone lying prone on a cloud looking over the edge.

There is nothing analytical about the content, or there are no references to authenticate the belief. Therefore, if you are into philosophy, this might not be your kind of book. However, if you are someone who honestly does not believe in any form of spiritual guidance in the shape of a ‘GOD,’ would find this book very pleasing indeed.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to read more about condemning religion.

Written by Jeyran Main

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3 Comments on “Religion Delusion by John Eric Carlshausen (Book Review #714)

  1. Thank you for the revief of an in my opinion very interesting book. Worth to read, as long many state leaders trying to force their citizens believing in (something) like God. Most of them breading all available and God adviced rules, but mentioning God its the easier way keeping people calm. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

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  2. With much research comes much angst. Formality, structure, guidance, direction is needed otherwise we would all be living in chaos. Sometimes the premise of something is what gets most on the wrong path. Just a few years ago, someone stating like this book does or implies for those who are Atheistic and agree, “God does not exist,” would have shocked me. The better premise that most people miss rather is, there is a Creator and His Name is not God. Most of the things I see in the world, you and I did not create. Clouds, sunlight, animals, insects, plants, the moon above with the individual light displays are a wonder. Why and how the seasons change are another wonder. Since all these things were here before you and I and will be here after we are long gone, well who am I or you to say that a very powerful being did not create it? It’s beyond our comprehension. Let me give you a very basic example. Just because I can’t fly a plane or build one doesn’t mean that someone did not create it. Our thinking is really delusional when we really think or say, “A Creator does not exist.” Therefore, it is no longer a shock factor when people say “God does not exist,” because “god” is not the Name of The Creator that has always existed.

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    • Thank you for commenting here. I agree with you and feel that the concept has changed for many people nowadays. There has to be some reason or else there would be no purpose for living.


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