I’m Tired of Being Ordinary, Are You by Wm. Allen (Book Review #771)


I’m tired of being ordinary is a self-help book geared towards people who want to transform from being ordinary to extraordinary. The book describes fifty-two traits that mostly come naturally to you. The workouts are presented on a weekly basis. The author believes that it takes twenty-one days to create a habit, so he insists that the reader stays with the trait that they are having a problem within order to master it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Each trait starts with a joke and then pinpoints a description of the trait in a brief format. Then it provides a quote that can be copied and posted somewhere you can see and get influence from. In the end, he suggests an entertaining movie that will give you something that makes the reader consider that particular trait.

The work is organized and created with an intent to self-help the reader. It is a great gift to give someone who wants to make a change in their life. Some chapters may be challenging and some might be easier but the goal is to be consistent and not give up.

I recommend this book to people who want to be extraordinary.

Written by Jeyran Main

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