Omeron by Alexander Davis (Book Review #858)


Omeron is a beautiful story about Jaron and Ren. Their bond and friendship are solid. Jaron owes his life to Ren because he saves him from slavery. Ren’s ambition is to join the hero of legend. They both follow a half-human half-monster called Zeron to the city of Noctine only to find the place in ruin. Things take an ugly turn when Jaron faces loss, and he has to make a hard choice in order to either see his friend again or change his life forever.

The story is wonderfully filled with fantasy and adventure. The author writes with perfect descriptive writing allowing the reader to visually imagine the story. The relationship between the two men was beautiful to see. The female character added an edge to the story. Jaron’s personality as a brutal killer really advanced the tale. The pace was steady and was pleasurable to read.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is the first book of “The Hero’s Chronicle.” Due to this fact, I was expecting a based foundation or some sort of back story to go with every character and storyline; however, the author decided to build everything based on a need to know basis.

The author has the potential to create very thrilling stories. I recommend it to any fiction and fantasy fan.

Written by Jeyran Main

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