Kindergarten Writing Paper by Jake Dennis (Book Review #887)


Kindergarten writing paper is a practice workbook allowing children aged 3-6 to practice writing between the dotted-lines. The first few pages teach you how to write the alphabet. Arrows allow you to know what directed the letters are to be drawn, and all together, there are many pages to practice so your child masters the skill of good writing.

I found this workbook very useful as there aren’t many sources like this providing double-lined pages. The space between the lines is designed, so your child is not stressed into writing small. Holding the pen correctly is one of the essential parts of writing, and when you find workbooks that have such a small amount of space, it adds stress on the child. This causes their hold to tremble or troublesome to hold the pen right, defeating the point of the practice.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another useful fact about the book is that the paper is of good quality. Since children make mistakes in writing when they start, they tend to use the eraser and cause ripping the sheet. This is frustrating for parents, but with good quality paper, you don’t have this problem.

The size of the workbook is 8.5” x 11”. So, it is perfect for preschoolers or grade 1 – 2 children. You are also able to cut the page. There are lines to bend and easily separate it from the book.

I recommend this workbook to parents looking for suitable workbooks and children with ADT, ADHD, as it perfectly suits their need

Written by Jeyran Main

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