The Unwanted Prophet by Carolina Cruz (Book Review #1187)


The unwanted prophet is a dark fantasy horror story. It all begins with Quincy Sauer, a complex woman with ADHD that is both sensitive and smart. She has dealt with much drama in the past, and her path and decisions are all so important for the world she is living in.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The story is told in such a way that you are informed throughout the storyline. There are introductions to traditions, cultural concepts and many significant descriptive notions that make the story unique to its own.

The main theme and premise were enjoyable to read and, I believe, possessed so much more room for expansion or further sequels.

Some characters in the Unwanted Prophet experienced symptoms of depression, including intrusive thoughts about self-harm and suicide. These are not discussed or portrayed in graphic detail but are still present.

I recommend this book to those who like to read dark natured stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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