Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex A Superhero High School Adventure by Carole P. Roman (Book Review #1417)


‘Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex’ is a Young adult fantasy story. The teenage superhero story begins with a secret academy recruiting only kids worthy of having the powers to be the best.

Grady and his autistic friend, Aurish, really want into this academy. Grady’s parents died when he was young, and he lives with his uncle.

While I was intrigued and began enjoying this book, the characters were very well drawn and put together. The dynamic of the tale increases the intensity of the premise. Grady’s personality, low self-esteem and self-doubts really made him relatable.

The scenes were written well. The tale was descriptive. I recommend this book to young adult readers and those who like superhero stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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