Category: Non- Fiction

From Bounced Checks to Private Jets: The Mastery of Miracles by Hazel Ortega (Book Review #512)

From bounced checks to private jets is a story about Hazel once living a life where she could barely make ends meet, to where she becomes an owner of a few businesses earning billions.

Acne just another four letter word by Aarti Patel (Book Review #509)

Acne is a health and dieting book aiming to address the issue of this skin disease by not just discussing it in its entirety but also how it affects the patient, psychologically. The book offers strategies and techniques to take care of the issue…

Christianity: A Successful Failure, Finding Faith in an Age of Fear and Falsehood by Tim Spiess (Book Review #506)

Christianity is a religious book explaining this faith and what he believes is wrong with it. The content is divided into six sections discussing all the false beliefs and everything we have been deceived on. The inadequate views, and how humankind has been blind…

Life is a test by Ryan Bey (Book Review #505)

Life is a test, reads like a self-help book written with the intent to provide an insightful look towards the living and existence.

The Messy Joys of Being Human by Helen Rosenau (Book Review #503)

The messy joys of being human is a self-help book about changing your life in the matter of creating an atmosphere which promotes a happier mood and a happier you.

I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed – by Bruce Miller (Book Review #12)

  Our very own Sex & the City story with a twist, this time, we go through a male’s perspective point of view. The Author dates around in hopes of finding his “Carrie Bradshaw” This book is about Bruce and his decision to start…

10x Your Life: A Practical Guide to Accomplishing Your Dreams By Kit Ryan (Book Review #501)

10 x your life is a self-help book providing the reader a practical way of changing the way they think. The book is designed to teach them how to modify their lives and to be able to achieve their goals.  

How to Survive a Family Court by Jessica Stark (Book Review #499)

  How to survive a family court is a self-help book written to provide adequate advice on what to do when you are facing a divorce. Having gone through a painful journey getting divorced through the American court system, the author pens a book…

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