Nancy Foster – Author of “An Ominous Book and Separation”

“I am sincerely grateful for the blogger’s valuable time in reading my
work. I know that bloggers get bombarded by so many book review
requests that they eventually have to start rejecting books. Jeyran is
an extremely flexible blogger with an increasingly large backlog of
requests that was more than glad to give my work a chance.

I liked the second review even more than the first because Jeyran
perfectly conveyed the darker feel of the second novel and that it
focuses on Spaulding & Richard’s stories without daring the spoil the
ending. Out of the 6 already published novels, Separation was the
hardest book to write.

I truly struggled writing this story in part because I just couldn’t
fathom to make my heros suffer so much. However, I believe it was
necessary to drive the story forward and luckily the later novels
return to a sense of adventure and fun that characterized the first

I’m vastly grateful that Jeyran gave not just 1, but 2 of my books a
chance and I would be more than glad to continue working together.
Thank you so much for your time!”

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