Stars Above by Marissa Meyer (Book Review #8)



“The enchantment continues…

The universe of the Lunar Chronicles holds stories—and secrets—that are wondrous, vicious, and romantic. How did Cinder first arrive in New Beijing? How did the brooding soldier Wolf transform from young man to killer? When did Princess Winter and the palace guard Jacin realize their destinies?” – by Marissa Meyer



As essentials, it is safe to say that Marissa Meyers has made a good attempt to cover anything left from the Lunar Chronicles. The purpose of this book and the description provided matches its content. Each story is unique to its previous published chapter.

The Literary and standards of which the book is written are very well similar to Ms. Meyer’s previous published works. I believe that the author’s purpose was to cover and to add to her previously published work, by offering Stars Above as a sweet addition to her tales.

Since the book is divided into sections, it is only fair to review it individually. However, before I even begin, I would like to say that compared to other Authors and their book series; where the Author decides to add a book, in the end, to cover loose ends, Marissa Meyer did not waste time providing just a filler to her fans. She respected the need for explaining a few things that were questionable and gave us a good wrap up on all things that were unsaid.


The Keeper demonstrates a comprehensive and detailed story of why Scarlet has been behaving the way she has. Her mannerism and personality is no longer a secret, and I began to like her more, due to this now known vital information. This passage also explains a lot about Michelle Benoit. She has a love story that surprised me and was delightfully plotted by Marissa Meyer. You also comprehend and understand why Scarlet loves her grandma so much.

Glitches, touches base on the relationship Cinder has with Peony and her few early days with the new family. It does not hold much content worth getting excited or to discover and unfortunately lacks any substantial plot or substance.

The Queen’s Army is a delightful addition to the Lunar Chronicles. We hardly know much about Wolf throughout his journey. How he started and who his parents were was very interestingly plotted. All the fight scenes were well written with structure, and the whole theme of this story was satisfactory to complete its tale.

Carswell’s guide to being lucky starts with his family. You do feel sorry for Carswell and understand why he is such a bad boy. Girls are very attracted to him for obvious reasons and without too much detail, we just get to read a little more about how he struggles to make ends meet. Many pages were dedicated to this passage but unfortunately lacked any significant content.

After Sunshine Passes By is a beautiful and great story of Cress, her father and how she was chosen and taken away from her family. You get to read about her favourite poem and where it originates. It really gives you a sweet impression on Cress. The theme and story were appealing and worth reading.

The Princess and the guard also receive a substantial portion of Stars Above. Her relationship with Jacin is not the original story, but the relationship between Winter and her parents brings us to the conclusion of why she receives the scar she does. I believe that this was done in a logical explanation as it leads us to an understanding that Winter is not some crazy weak girl that does not know much about her surroundings. She is very smart and powerful. I wished that this personality was portrayed more in Marissa Meyer’s Winter book. However, I am happy that at least she covers this section up nicely.

The Little Android receives another dominant part of Stars Above and unfortunately, did not appeal as much to me. The impression you get is more confused at times, and then you do ask yourself what the point of the whole section is. I personally did not understand much of its content or comprehend the theme of what the Author was trying to achieve.


Something Old, Something New is probably the best part of Stars Above. I absolutely loved it and found it incredibly exciting and was smiling the whole time while I was reading it. The reason behind this is that you get to see everyone together for the last time. The time is after the war now, and everyone is happily situated together. Marissa Meyer attempts to show us a detailed explanation on what has happened after the war is won. A beautifully written wedding between two people that have had a hard past takes place to finalize our Lunar Chronicle Series.

A pleasant ending to a very sweet tale.

Jeyran Main

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    • I still have fairest to read! I am so glad that my friend gifted me Winter. That is how the whole Chronicles started for me 🙂

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      • Yes! She gave me the last one and I didn’t know it was a series. So I read it, loved it, then realized oh, WAIT there is more and now I already know the ending 🙂

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