Happy Valentines!


Happy Valentines to my beloved readers! You are such a delight to have and I wish you all the best on this beautiful day.


Jeyran Main

3 Comments on “Happy Valentines!

  1. Et Tu, Jeyran Main! It’s been a cornucopia of ready information for me, being on your Review Tales email list. I have tagged several of your reviews for use in some of my own future stuff: that Driving with Cats, the Get-To guy’s book, and some others. I can afford to be selective! It’s like having a pre-digested, pre-evaluated work done for me, and I will be thanking you for a long time.

    I’m still astonished with the volume of reading you do, and the breadth of topics. Fabulous! Although I have taken your 5-hours/book rule to heart (and to challenge), I’ve found myself self-assigning these godawful 400-pagers recently. Seven hours may be needed to chew through these.

    Yes, Happy Valentine’s Day to you also. The only other people sending these notes out today have been my dentist, a bank or two, the Ford dealer, numerous nonprofits. And the day ain’t over yet!

    Vaughn Stelzenmuller

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