One Last Lie by Rob Kaufman (Book Review #243)

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“I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.”

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One Last Lie is a psychological thriller about Jonathan and Philip. The story’s timeline is set when Jonathan is old, alone and is thinking about the past. It then takes you back into the past where his relationship with Philip started and how happy they were. One thing is missing in their life and that is a baby. Philip happens to get back in touch with a friend of his, Angela, who is more than happy to impregnate herself in order to bring this baby into their lives. However, Philip and Jonathan don’t wish to have full custody of the child and make an arrangement with Angela. They agree to pay her child support and basically work it out to raise the child as a trio.

What then transpires is a conflict of interest between the three. Tommy, Angela’s love appears out of nowhere and Angela’s true personality and agenda is revealed creating this massive – what just happened – situation that really has you thinking about the story after it is finished.

I found the entire fiasco to be heart-wrenching. The emotions and the fate of this gay couple really happened to be played with, by Angela. The life of a child born into such a ridiculous notion of arrangement was also another disappointing revelation. The author managed to succeed in providing a very well written traumatic story. The plot was very well thought through. Although I did not find anything thrilling about it, it definitely intrigued the psychological part of the fictional story.

The Kindle format I purchased had some issues with the formatting. Chapters were not laid out properly and there were empty pages between sections that did not make sense. The literature was in good standing and had a nice pace to it. The only problem I had with the lyrical standing was the random and sudden change of point of view. That would still have worked well for me only if it was clearly separated. However, in this case, the view kept changing without any notice and it somehow would get confusing. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the novel.

I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in reading twisted fictional stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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