Fun in Blogging by Esther

I want to use this blog post to tell you guys about maintaining the fun, in blogging, but still having a busy life next to it.

And when I talk about busy, I really mean busy. I work 40 hours on contract, which means there are weeks I can clock in 50, but sometimes 45 as well.

Next, to it, I love to do sports, usually 2 nights a week. I’m also going to evening school to become a physical ed. Teacher, which is after my day of work.

I love to do things with friends, like going to a movie, or grab dinner together and I take the time to watch my series and TV-shows.

Next to that, comes my passion; blogging.

People ask me; where do you find the time to read all those books?! I just take books with me everywhere and grab every minute I have to read books.

I see a lot of bloggers struggling with the time they have to blog, next to their busy life. It’s a simple fact that we still need to make money, and we don’t do it by blogging.

For me, it comes easy. I just blog when I have the time. I don’t work in a schedule or enforce myself to write for my blog. When I finish a book or want to write a post, I check my calendar and plan in a good time. When I can’t get to it, I just postpone it.

This does mean that I don’t post regularly or on a daily basis. I just post something when I feel like it and when I finish a book or plan to write something.

If you feel too busy and lose the love for blogging, my tip for you is; Take it by the day and don’t plan too far ahead! Remember; you’re doing this for fun, and let’s keep it that way!

Please share your blogging-tips schedule-wise with me! What works for you…?

Written by Esther

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