Don’t Look for the Reason: Look for Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan

Don’t Look for the Reason: Look for Me Under the Rainbow

On an early, misty morning, a ship arrived and disembarked men. All the seals ran away. All, except the young. Unprotected, unaware of the danger, they innocently waited for human beings to approach. A man lifted a club and struck the fragile little head. One, two, three times. Blood spattered the white fur. No cries, no sound. Silent and quick. And then again. One, two, three dull thuds, blood, and death. Still, no cries. Only a blank look of surprise and disappointment. . . .

This is an excerpt from the second edition of my brand new novella Look for Me Under the Rainbow self-published as an ebook (April 15, 2018) and paperback (May 9, 2018), but it was also a reality happening in eastern Canada.

Each year, tens of thousands of harp seals mostly babies no older than three weeks, are shot or clubbed with hakapiks to death. Some of them are skinned alive before the lights in their eyes go out, and their carcasses are left to rot on the ice. This year, the slaughter of harp seal pups began on April 9 and ended up with 59,111 pups killed by the sealers by mid-May, not including seals who were injured and got away, according to

Every author has this one reason to write their books, putting pestering muse aside. If you are looking for my reason for writing Look for Me Under the Rainbow, seek no further because I just answered you.

Look for Me Under the Rainbow is the story of Danny, a curious harp seal pup with soft white fur and innocent black eyes. Unknown to him, Danny’s world is facing a menace that threatens an entire generation of seals with the slaughter by merciless humans. The hope for Danny and his family lies in the hands of Helen, an environmentalist, and member of a young activist crew of the Rainbow Warriors. Their mission is to save animals. The only question is will Helen win the race against time and clubs and save Danny before the hunt begins and the ice turns red.

Look for Me Under the Rainbow is my call to stop this madness, it is my call to save the lives of baby seals. Though written for younger readers, it will appeal to anyone who cherishes our beautiful planet and wishes to protect its treasures.

Written by Bernard Jan

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