Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Foster (Book Review #442)

Esme’s Wish is a young adult fantasy. Esme Silver is a stubborn fifteen-year-old girl who is struggling with the disappearance of her mother.  Her father remarries and leaves her behind. That is when she begins to follow her suspicions in order to discover what really happened to her mother.

The beautiful world of Aeolia is where she reaches many answers and, there, her journey begins in realizing what really happened to her.

I found the world building to be very strong. I believe that is what made this book stand out. The main character was strong yet vulnerable to things that mattered to her most. Her persona towards the magical world was beautifully told and the author tells this legendary story in an enchanted way, grabbing your attention till the end.

I would recommend this book to young readers and it was very suitable for the genre.

Sometimes we seek closure no matter how unordinary it may seem for others. I believe this story represented many things and the message it held was strong. Believe in yourself and seek answers, even when no one else cares.

Written by Jeyran Main

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