Physician: How Science Transformed the Art of Medicine by Rajeev Kurapati (Book Review #443)

The physician is a medical book referring to the human body and how medicine has advanced by getting physical. Healthcare providers who struggle to deliver a balance between both science and medicine can also benefit from this book.

What made this book stand out was the differentiation between the relationships that healthcare providers have with their patients and how we can minimize human suffering.

Reasons To Choose An Online Psychiatrist

The book’s goal appears to be focusing on the depth of constructing a better correlation between perception, societies need of healing and healthcare.

I enjoyed the literature very much as it was easy to understand and to follow. I also appreciated the author using his platform in order to discuss and point out the issues that exist in science today.

Transcending limitations, I believe is a key issue here and the author executed the work flawlessly.

I recommend this book to people that are in the field of medicine or are looking into new methods of healing. Healthcare providers and people interested in science will also enjoy this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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