The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires (Book Review #31)

A little girl sets off to create this magnificent thing. Her cute dog follows along and is suppose to be her assistant. She has a plan and has an idea of how it is all going to look like, but as she starts to make it, somehow this creation does not work out very well.

She fails, and she tries again several times. Eventually giving up on the whole endeavor as no matter how many times she tries her creation is not what she has in mind.

The things she makes are all “wrong” in her eyes. The little girl also feels that no one understands the intentions of her creation.

Ever heard of “walking it off”? Well, this little girl begins to walk to ease her frustration. As walking calms her down, she realizes something “right” in every “wrong” that she has created.

When she combines all the good parts she has made in every creation, the little girl creates her magnificent thing.

This book reminds us that there is something good in every bad, that happens in our life, and that good thing can be beneficial for us to use in the future. Never give up on your goals and when times are rough, walk it off.

Written by Jeyran Main

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This book was given to me by Kids Can Press through NetGalley.

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