Aquarius Rising Book 2: Blood Tide by Brian Burt (Book Review #30)


This review is written for Online Book Club.

“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.”

In a world where friendly Aquarians are threatened by a plague that turns them into stone, there lives a lonely Megalops, stricken by grief and loss, seeking revenge. His wife and child pass away in such a tragic way leaving Megalops angry and resentful.

Megalops is a biosculptor working to restore the Juno reefscape. He works along side his friends Makaira, Auriga, and others. Megalops develops this mechanism using neuroplasmic storage creating an Aquarian Mutagenic Virus. The power he achieves can infect the DNA of humans and change them into Aquarians, subsequently killing them, as the human cells cannot conform to it.

Once the news of this potential threat of genocide reaches the Boreios, the Elders decide to banish Megalops from not just his own home, but from everywhere he knows. This vendetta against the roughe Redeemers was not allowed.

Megalops instead, turns darker, and this inflames his evil plan. Instead of being banished he feeds himself to a brain reef and takes control of it. Anyone that is penetrated with this also becomes under his control, and by doing so, he starts a war against humans.

I found Blood Tide to be a nonstop action thriller story containing, love, loss, sacrifice, determination, and regret. The author has managed to comprehend a thoroughly planned and detailed plot of a story that is consistent and leaves no questions left for the reader. The precise nature of the whole story was written so well that I did not feel like I was supporting either side of the war. I felt compassion for Megalops, and I felt sorry for his victims, all at the same time. In my opinion, only a great writer can manage to induce the reader into loving both the evil side and the good side of their story. For that, I give Brian Burt a tap on the back.


There are many science fiction analogies and vocabulary which none science fiction fans may find this book to be confusing or hard to follow. I believe if you read the book twice then you will feel more in control and possibly understand it better as it is complex. I felt that the content of the book is not suitable for young readers and there is forcible violence, abduction, rape, explicitly written death content and suicide dominating the book.

As Ocypode, Sapiens and the cyber- Ghost attempt to stop Megalops, many twists and turns occur in the story, keeping the reader intrigued. I liked the fact that when Aquarians died their thoughts, knowledge, and memories were preserved in the reef. This way those who lost their lives would always still be, in a way, living.

I recommend this book to any science fiction fan and anyone that likes a good full on action saga.

 Written by Jeyran Main

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