Ennara and the Book of Shadows by Angela Shelley (Book Review #35)

We return to the story of Ennara a year later in the second book written by Angela Myron. Ennara is now away from home and is studying at the Academy of Magic. However, things are not looking good. Ennara feels disconnected from her professors. Her ear burns at times and people treat her with a cold indifference. It seems like no one wants her to learn anything that will benefit her.

Healing spells are a major part of the light magic, and Ennara has to determine the path of light to fulfill the right part of the prophecy. She has a talent for necromancy (we know this from book 1). As Ennara tries to use light magic it backfires. Someone is manipulating the situation forcing her to use dark magic.


Ennara Gaern is expelled alongside her best friend, Kithe Fontaine. The school year is suspended, artifacts are stolen from council members and royalty, Tzu is preparing for war, and diplomatic relations are falling apart. Council members are acting suspiciously; everyone is treating her with fear. Strange things happen to her. She is spoken to through her mind and just like Harry Potter she has visions. The only person that is trusted and gives her the information she needs is professor Branwen.

The plot and story sounded very intriguing, however, what I found the book lacked was originality. Every part the story took was somehow a reflection of J.K Rowling’s famous Harry Potter. Dark objects are controlling the council members, and Ennara needs to find and destroy them. Does this ring a bell to anyone? Harry Potter was searching for Horcrux’s. He had to destroy them to weaken Voldemort. Ennara has to go to the holy well, invoke the enlightened ones and make a vow to the way of light.


In addition, nowhere in the book mentions why Ennara is so special. If caul means magic, then most of the children at the academy possess it just as much as Ennara does. What makes Ennara so unique? Why so powerful? People believed the tiny caul membrane on Ennara’s face was a sign that she was special and will one day be a powerful wizard. She has a tattoo on her right hand because of it and studied magic from a very young age. That is all we know.

Conversely, We knew why Harry Potter was unique. Everyone knew what the scar meant. It was evident that Voldemort wanted Harry for the very same reason. However, in my opinion, grounds for Ennara’s powers or specialty are unknown.

Apart from what I mentioned above, this book is very detailed and entertains a lot of drama and epic battles. The Author has covered almost every loophole you could imagine and the storyline is very well thought out. Anyone with interest in any kind of wizardry story will definitely enjoy this book. There is a new addition to the team. Her name is Cinne, and she is a possible love interest for Kithe. I am happy that the team is no longer a trio because it adds more characters and stories to the tale.

The third book of this series is coming along shortly, and I hope that the story will have more originality.

Written by Jeyran Main

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6 Comments on “Ennara and the Book of Shadows by Angela Shelley (Book Review #35)

  1. Unfortunately, after reading HP, I think it will be difficult to find a book revolving around magic and school that does not resemble it… It’s like reading a book about vampires and not think about Dracula.
    Great review! 🙂

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  2. I have a challenge for you – a book for a 15 year old boy – he is gay,delilghtful but rebellious and reads everything so we need something oblique and special. There are no book shops in the city he lives in, in california (weird aye) . What do you think? Would this series do the trick? c

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    • Rise – Trifecta series is also a good one. You can order on amazon its cheaper and its good if you don’t have any bookstores around. Does he like wizard stories?


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