Dystopia: Truth or Fiction by Tony Moyle

Dystopia: Truth or Fiction by Tony Moyle


Today’s modern world existence is as crowded by pressure as a tube train is packed with commuters. The pace of our lives has moved to a level only rivaled by Usian Bolt. Email, social media, deadlines, expectations and the ‘fear of missing out,’ has created a society with the attention span of a youthful goldfish and a desperation for immediate gratification. We fight to keep up with the pack sprinting off into the distance even though none of us knows quite where they are going. It doesn’t matter, we keep running anyway.

“I don’t have time to read,” I regularly hear as a response when I tell people I write books. Yet, according to the statistics, on average every adult spends almost two hours of every day on their social media accounts. I’m just as guilty of course. Sometimes I wonder what I did with that time before I got my smartphone. We have become slaves to the technology that was designed, and does undoubtedly, to enhance our lives…but at a cost. Time, of course, is constant, there has never been more and its unlikely to change in the future. We all make a simple choice as to how to use it.

When I was younger my escape from the pressures of life was aided by fascinating characters exploring strange and wonderful worlds. Tolkien, Pratchett, Lewis, Adams, Brooks all helped point the way with their exquisite mastery of the English language and their surreal imaginations. The pages, paragraphs and prose were the only dopamine I needed. It’s still the case today, even though I read less than I once did. This is partly due to the modern world and partly due to the fact that I use my reading time to write.

‘How to Survive the Afterlife,’ is, I suppose, my own homage to the greats of SFF writing. The series centers on a dystopian version of Earth, Hell and Heaven. And just like actual life, sometimes its hard to divide the real and the imagined. Corrupt politician’s attempt to manipulate the masses, life and death wrestle for dominance and the modern day distractions affect our antagonists and protagonists as much as they do you and I.

Reading isn’t just about discovery, entertainment and developing our appreciation of language and art. It might just be a release from the modern world. A way of releasing the pressure from our lives and returning to some of the past times we used to take for granted.

In the future, I’d love to hear more people say, “I can’t afford not to read.”

So, put down your smartphone, disconnect your laptop, turn of your tech and find a comfy sofa in a cozy corner and grab your kindle. Oh!…or a paper version if you want to be really retro! Come into my world and discover reincarnated pigeons, strange demons, a spy with O.C.D and a surreal world with twists and a laughs in every chapter.

If you got to the end of this article, well done! I guess you proved me wrong. I wonder how many of you did!

Tony Moyle is the author of the ‘How to Survive the Afterlife’ series which includes ‘The Limpet Syndrome,’ ‘Soul Catchers,’ and ‘Dead Ends’ which is released on Friday 14th July 2018 on all Amazon platforms.

 You can stay in touch with Tony by subscribing to his newsletter at www.tonymoyle.com, or on twitter @limpetsyndrome or his facebook page www.facebook.com/tonymoylebooks/


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