This Does Not Leave This House by Julie Coons (Book Review #452)

This Does Not Leave This House is an autobiography of an innocent child who endures every possible abuse and is asked to keep it all quiet. Julie understands the abuse but finds it hard to set her self-free until she finally breaks through and breaks the silence.

I found the story to be more of a learning curve for all that have suffered abuse and also remind them that it is not something one goes through it alone.


The literature was written with such a soft tone. The autobiography was written with much care and it respected all the sensitive parts where the reader would sense the despair and pain.


The fact that the author has taken the courage to write everything that she went through, alone, is much admired. I would recommend this book to people that would like a glimpse of what goes on when a person goes through such a thing.

Written Jeyran Main


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